Air freight and air cargo transportation
The process of passenger’s cargo overload and air cargo freight from IKA is as follows:
1)  Consulting and free inspection on Air Cargo packaging
2)  Providing standard quality packing lists and issues
3)  Loading and cargo handling to the airport
4)  Doing customs Clearance & Formalities
5)  Issuing Air way B/L
6)  Tracking  & tracing shipment status
The cost of doing all above steps is calculated by our company experts after cargo inspection and if necessary in addition to verbal indication it will be advised to the shipper by mail.

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International air transport is now done through IKA, while local & foreign air lines freights are calculated based on weight and dimension. 


One of the most important elements that sometimes causes confusion, is how to calculate the weight in bill of lading.plz be noted that in air transportation two different elements of “gross weight” and “volume weight” are being estimated. Gross weight is the weight which obtains after cargo weighing on the scale of airport customs while volume weight is calculated according to the outer dimensions of the package after packaging process under below formula:
Volume weight= to multiply the length, width and height divided in 6000

Plz note that the maximum length, width and height of package measured in centimeter and the product of related numbers is divided in 6000. Obtained number formed the volume weight of the cargo.(For instance the volume weight of package within the dimensions of 100 cm length ,width and height is equal to 167kgs. In other words it becomes 167kgs per cubic meter.

When calculating the air freight between the gross weight and volume weight of the packages whichever is greater is used as chargeable weight in the pertaining BL. It should be noted that the gross weight of the whole packages is being compared.


Required Documents:
To send air cargo in shape of passengers the following documents are required:
-  Passport copies of both shipper & consignee
-  National card copies of both shipper & consignee
-  Full detailed address of both shipper & consignee along with consignee’s Zip Code and contact No
-  Cargo packing list along with packages dimensions in centimeters

Note: In most cases, the passenger presence at IKA at the time of inspection and customs formalities is mandatory, while due to destination and transit time, sending of cargo takes about 3 or 4 days.


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