Packing of Personal Effects & Furniture 
Packing is one of the most important steps to send furniture and commercial goods out of a country. In fact, it includes the most critical step while any negligence in the preparation of the appropriate packaging or failure to comply with the necessary standards will cause serious damages to the cargo, and finally, in addition to damages, freight costs also will be added on top of the above losses.
So we are honored to employ our skilled and experienced staff to provide one of the best and highest quality facilities for packing export goods and personal effects to send to all over the world with the lowest possible costs. 

Free Survey and Expertise
The company's experts are ready on all days of the week to visit/inspect your household equipment that is to be sent, and you will be served just with a phone call. 
At the time of visit, while preparing an initial list of personal effects which to be sent, we take an action due to the crucial importance and value of the goods to select the mode of transport(trucking, sea-transport, air-transportation) and packing type(wooden boxes, cartons, bubble wrap plastic sheet, sacks & bags, metal cases, pallet and etc), and all necessary actions will be done as soon as possible in the pertaining location.


Preparing Packing List
Other essential items that sometimes the negligence caused damages or extra charges are preparing packing lists. All materials, in addition to complete and precise marking up should be prepared in a separate list to submit to the origin Customs office while its English translated version is necessary to be handed over to the destination customs. The entire process of packing and list preparation will be carried out by the company agents will be carried out and be delivered to the shipper.

To determine the packaging conditions and type of transport
After surveying the shipment, the type of packing appropriate for transport type (air-transportation trucking, sea-transport) is recommended by the relevant expert while after final estimate of all current expenses, including packing, loading, transporting, and other relevant charges are being advised by mail or fax to the shipper and After final confirmation by the shipper, the required coordination and arrangements to send packing supplies and -if needed- making wooden boxes and other steps of booking container will be done. 

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To fumigate container and wooden boxes
All shipments especially those boxes whose  packing made of raw wood, pallet and other wood products which destined to be shipped to many European countries and Australia, According to the rules laid down to clear shipments should be fumigated subject to certain conditions of gas or special tablets under given temperature and time and also fumigation certificate should be issued by valid and permissible pesticides companies. 
All above steps is done in coordination with the valid & authorized companies with our company, if needed.
I should be noted that lack of valid certificate for fumigation will emerge heavy penalties at port of destination; In addition, the quarantine requirement costs and fumigation issues will be also added on above costs.


We provide free freight consulting,  there is no charge for our Consulting services or freight quotes. Our staff has over 15 years of experience providing prompt, personal, dependable, fast and courteous service to hundreds of companies large and small.